The Elephant Man

by Ashley Montagu

Book review

I found the book interesting right up until Montagu started pontificating his theories on the importance of mother-love in early childhood development and how they practically define Joseph Merrick and his life choices.I mean, just look at how bitter Alexander Pope was!Surely the difference between the two men had to do with the exact number of hugs each received from their mothers as infants....Feeling lost by that last bit of "logic?"So was I, my friend.So was I.

While it was nice to get a bit more background on the life and times of Joseph Merrick, beyond the fanciful remembrances of Frederick Treve's time-dimmed memories, Montagu seemed a bit too eager to use The Elephant Man's life as a springboard for some of his pet theories on nature vs. nurture and the importance of love on the forming of an infant's personality.It isn't that I haven't heard those theories before, or that I discount entirely their validity. Really, though, with the scant amount of information available about Merrick's life, it seemed completely inappropriate to extrapolate these assumptions about the man.

In short, there are far better sources out there on Merrick's life.Ones without outdated psychobabble thrown in as "fact."If you're interested in the man, I highly suggest finding another source to glean your information from.

PublisherAcadian House Publishing
Release date 01.08.2001
Pages count138
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