by Elaine Landau

Book review

Did you know that Americans eat over a million pounds of popcorn a year? You can learn about that and much more in this book. Landau has assembled several questions about popcorn that she answers with blocks of text, fact boxes and side notes. She starts the book with a mini quiz about popcorn, then talks about where it comes from, what makes it pop, the history of popcorn, how popcorn relates to Native Americans, and when popcorn became popular. At the end of the book she gives tips about popping popcorn and a couple of recipes. The last page has a list of resources—books and websites. Brian Lies does the illustrations for the book, and his main character is a raccoon that seems to enjoy sneaking
popcorn from the stalks, your cupboard and your kitchen counter! Overall the book is fun, and Landau has used a lot of humor in her text (e.g. “Corn grows best in an area of the United States called the Corn Belt. No, it’s not a real belt.” pg 8). The illustrations keep the book moving, and I know I felt like eating popcorn once the book was over...

Release date 01.02.2003
Pages count32
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