July, August, September 1969

by Carl Andre

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Even though conceptual art can be justly accused of being a peak of formalism w/ usually little political or social consciousness behind it, it's still one of my favorite creative categories b/c it's right up there w/ zen koans for stimulating thinking outside-the-box.In 1969, it was conceptually revolutionary to have a catalog for an exhibition that not only took place in multiple locations but didn't even necessarily take place in ways physically perceptible.The exhibit was something to THINK ABOUT & I'm all in favor of more thinking.Take, eg, this catalog page from Robert Barry:

"Psychic Series, 1969

Everything in the unconscious perceived by the senses but not noted by the conscious mind during trips to Baltimore, during the summer of 1967."

Or this sign posted outdoors by Joseph Kosuth in New Mexico:

"I. Matter in General
374. Universe
375. Materiality
376. Immateriality
377. Materials
378. Chemicals
379. Oils, Lubricants
380. Resins"

What did people think who saw this sign?

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