From the Gracchi to Nero

by H.H. Scullard

Book review

This book is apparently meant for highschool students, but it's less accessible than the Penguin translations of Plutarch's work, contains a lot of untranslated Latin and big chunks that are largely names and dates. It also jumps around a lot, skipping back and forward to focus on different things. And the Kindle version is made even harder to read by the numerous OCR errors and the fact that it's not correctly set up. For example, there is a table of contents that you can use to jump to different sections, but there is no way to jump to the table of contents.

Some parts of this book are interesting and informative, but they're punctuated by sections that are hard to read and unintersting. For anyone with a casual interest in ancient Rome, you're better off reading Plutarch. For anyone studying seriously, there have got to be better options than this.

Release date 01.08.1982
Pages count500
File size1.7 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating3.93 (410 votes)

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