Bony And The White Savage

by Arthur W. Upfield

Book review

Bony and the White Savage is the 26th book in Arthur Upfield’s Bony series. This story, set on the southern coast of Western Australia, has Bony tracking down a rapist/murderer, formerly an upstanding theology student and the eldest son of a local family. Under the guise of a station manager on a fishing vacation, Bony tries to establish whether or not the killer is still in the area. Apart from actually doing some fishing and catching a lovely kingfish, Bony tangles with freak waves (sneakers), a shell collector, unusual rock formations, caves and tea-trees, six scents, and a suitcase hidden in a tree. With the help of the local constable and two aboriginal trackers, and with not a single mobile phone, SMS, computer or Crime Scene Investigator (apart from himself), Bony once again solves the case, and displays his intelligence and humanity whilst doing so. While Upfield’s Bony novels were all written between 1928 and 1964, they still manage to entertain today. This one has a twist at the end: Bony gets his man, but not quite how he imagined he would.

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