Athena Force

by Justine Davis

Book review

Athena Force — chosen for their talents. Trained to be the best. The women of Athena Academy shared an unbreakable bond...until one of them was murdered. "Athena Force: Books 1-6" Six exciting books of action, adventure and romance including "Proof" by Justine Davis, "Alias" by Amy J. Fetzer, "Exposed" by by Katherine Garbera, "Double-Cross" by Meredith Fletcher, "Pursued" by Catherine Mann, and "Justice" by Debra Webb. Now, own them all for one low price

"Proof" by Justine Davis:
Top-notch forensic scientist Alexandra Forsythe returned to Athena to prove that the death of her dearest friend had been no accident. Armed with only her razor-sharp mind and coolness under fire — and the memory of a desperate call for help — Alex set out to uncover a truth that could shake the foundations of the academy that had trained her.

"Alias" by Amy J. Fetzer:
In school, she was everyone's best friend. But these days, Darcy Steele was a single mother living in the shadows following a marriage gone dangerously wrong. Not even her closest friends knew her whereabouts — until one of those friends was murdered. Now Darcy was back to find answers about her friend's death, even if it meant jeopardizing the cover she'd so carefully constructed — and discovering that the one man she trusted might not be what he seemed.

"Exposed" by Katherine Garbera:
A little danger couldn't keep hotshot reporter Tory Patton from the story of a lifetime. Plus, an exclusive with the navy SEAL Tom King held hostage in war-torn Central America would put her in the big leagues. But an assassination attempt on the wounded soldier suddenly turned Tory's interview into a rescue mission. Would she live long enough to expose a shocking scandal that could implicate everyone from the top levels of the White House to the very people she trusted most?

"Double-Cross" by Meredith Fletcher:
An orphan with an unknown past, CIA operative Samantha St. John used her quick speed and sharp mind to make up for her small size. Sam was about to go AWOL on a mission for vengeance — bringing down the legendary killer she believed was responsible for a dear friend's death — when she was detained and accused of betraying her country. Now, to clear her name and get back to business, the fearless agent had to face down an enemy who bore an uncanny resemblance to Sam herself..

"Pursued" by Catherine Mann:
Air force captain Josie Lockworth came from a long line of American patriots and was expected to follow her family's example. When the project she'd been working on for months crashed and burned, she knew it wasn't due to her negligence. Someone was trying to sabotage her career. With the authorities after her head and an unsettling inspector looking over her shoulder, Josie raced to clear her name before she became the next casualty of war....

"Justice" by Debra Webb:
Her best friend's killer was dead, and so was Kayla Ryan's best lead to find her friend's missing child. But the determined police lieutenant didn't give up. She joined forces with a secretive detective to find the people who'd sent the assassin and bring them to justice. Her life — and all those she loved — depended on exposing a chilling conspiracy. And she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her every move. Could the enemy be closer than Kayla had ever suspected?

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