Stranded but not Alone

by Cora Blu

Book review

'Stranded but not Alone' is the story of an ex-militia Russian male and an African American woman who's looking for a good vacation. As the title and cover portrays very boldly (You can't miss it with a 2 inch ruler), the two become stranded in the winter worn mountains by no fault of their own.

This title gives you mystery/suspense and romance and the main character, Seth and Simone, whip into a loving if not fast paced tale of a middle-aged couple who have experienced the trials of life and are still running through them (literally). Troubles attract them like flies to fruit and they have to find a way through it. It is a story filled with a dangerous passion and a man who learns about himself and his woman in the process of finding family.

It wasn't all good. When I finished this book, I thought it was well written but I found it very hard to suspend my disbelief in this story. The plot wasn't as disbelievable as some romance and I really enjoyed the heroine's courage and mouth. It was difficult to find this story believable because it was all over the place, correction, so much was going on with the plot that we found ourselves trapped in different places at different times and though she skipped no dramatic time stamping, it wasn't long enough or detailed enough as it should have been for the author's writing talent to have shown through.

PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release date 05.08.2012
Pages count216
File size3.8 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating3.92 (87 votes)

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