E Agora, José?

by José Cardoso Pires

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The writing of José Cardoso Pires, according to himself in E Agora, José?, focuses on creative reading. The writer himself says that panic exceed the measure of accuracy and making his ridiculous and overly redundant text makes take the conscious choice to avail himself of some of the measure, the poetics of less: that is, rather than missing data and remain gaps (which Roland Barthes appointed the reader's enjoyment of breasts). Thus, the reading attitude assumes a more active character, creative, intelligent and subtle, beyond developing a more critical view of totalizing reports.

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There goes the Portuguese, tells the world when he says, pointing a loaded creatures of history that tingle on the margins of Europe. There goes the Portuguese, there walks. Folded to the weight of history, carrying her in fact, and what remedy - India, shipwrecks, pattern crosses (the heaviest). Toil the crust of the sun to sun and do not even know if dreams or recalls. As soon as he ceases to be born child: quickly has eight centuries. In the large atlas of the human figure perhaps as a body withered be withered and dried up, but how else could he have after so many generations plowing salt and gravel? Notice that was sent by sea to a narrow coastal strip (Lusitania, so-called) and sunk into it tooth and nail, with love, despair, or whatever it is. This means it's stuck to Europe by the end, so plenty of it, not to let him return to the oceans that discovered with great honor. And it is not like the coral that makes standing firm in a wave of vivid, markets and jewelery; is more like the captive mussels, poor and obscure, since without water, all curly, who lives countercurrent the rock of anonymity. (So when the storm sweeps Europe is that it supports and makes stone, darker still.)

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