The Sound of Snowfall

by IceraMyst

Book review

An errant courtesan finds himself snowed into very foreign territory.
A side story to the Crowned Jewel, set shortly after the ending, in which Lime Jade gets stuck in a snowstorm and is forced to take shelter with an unconventional family.

Note: This story is about one of the characters featured in "Intrigue at the Crowned Jewel" (namely, Jade). However, it's a standalone. If you will, look at it as related but not-directly linked to that story (it is not a sequel).

If you haven't read the Jewel: You're in luck! This story requires absolutely no prior knowledge. There might be one joke a few chapters in you won't understand and that's it.
Words: 68,437 COMPLETE

Release date 03.10.2010
Pages count205
File size4 Mb
eBook formatOnline Fiction, (torrent)En
Book rating3.97 (33 votes)

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