Batman vs. Catwoman

by J.E. Bright

Book review

I like this series and this latest entry is a fine example of it at its best.A fast-paced action plot that portrays the superheroes/villains well.Catwoman isn't really the villain in this book though she starts off by trying to rob the Penguin when Batman first confronts her.Catwoman gets her back up and the two are battling from the get-go, but soon afterwards Catwoman escapes and finds out the Penguin is about to destroy Gotham so she and Batman team up against Copplepot and the fighting action never stops.Purely plot driven, but Bat, Cat and Penguin are true to character throughout.Will keep young readers or DC fans entertained.Tim Levins is a veteran DC artist, which makes for rewarding illustrations.

Release date 01.07.2013
Pages count49
File size3.8 Mb
eBook formatHardcover, (torrent)En
Book rating3.15 (13 votes)