The Traumatophile

by Don Share

Book review

Best new book of 2009! But seriously, all stabs at flarfurnuttiness aside....

HOLY COW THIS IS GOOD. I just blew my entire carefully planned morning staring at its electronic pages. First off I love the final (title) poem, which kills me. It just KILLS ME. Its straggling bees, its amniotic swish, its furnace guy. I am crazy for this poem. (Full disclosure: I'm also a neurotic woman always in quest of a patron saint.)

Also "On Thanksgiving." Also the poems "On fixing things" and "On being philosophical." Also, ALL THE OTHERS.

Trenchant, smart-ass, broken-hearted, hantée, swoony, maudlin, mordant, sinister, gloomy, goofy, eyes open and counting every penny, these are.

And inspiring. How many poems can you say that about, anymore?

Yes please. More please.

PublisherScantily Clad Press
File size3.5 Mb
eBook formatE-chap, (torrent)En
Book rating4.29 (7 votes)

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