The Twelve

by Killian McRae

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During the thirteen baktuns, the Vessel has been known by many names. As Sekhmet, she oversaw the house of Pharaoh and swore vengeance on Rome. As Tlalli, she was cursed by the Altunai to serve as The Vessel, a hybrid of their blood and human DNA who will allow the alien race to someday reap humanity as a food source. In the modern day, she is known as Victoria Kent, protector of The Order and Earth's last defense against destruction.During her long life, the Vessel selected only twelve humans to bond, sharing with them a portion of her superhuman abilities - sometimes for their benefit, and sometimes for her own.

"The Twelve" is told in four volumes, each a collection of three short stories, and is an accompanying work to Killian McRae's Altunai Annals.

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