The Kremlin Phoenix

by Stephen Renneberg

Book review

Renneberg delivers a typically exciting thriller, with plenty of sharp turns, heavy weapons and touches of science fiction - Kirkus Reviews

In the 21st century, Craig Balard, a young New York lawyer, is unwittingly swept up in a conspiracy of global proportions that threatens to trigger the fall of the West and the rise of a new totalitarian world order.

Hunted by agents of the international conspiracy, Craig encounters a mysterious woman who knows his every step – before he makes it – and who intervenes to keep him alive for her own purposes.

He discovers she is a hologram, transmitted back in time from the late 23rd century, where a small group of survivors of a cataclysmic war are trying to use him to change their past in order to save mankind’s future.

Under her guidance, Craig becomes the fulcrum of time, where his every move triggers changes in the timeline that will either save humanity, or guarantee its extinction.

Available as Paperback and Ebook

Pages count334
File size3 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating3.75 (32 votes)

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