Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh, Revealed After the Kitáb-i-Aqdas

by Bahá'u'lláh

Book review

I actually have been reading a book titled Writings of Baha’u’llah, a compilation of the main books, including: Tablets Revealed, Gleanings from the Writings, and The Book of Certitude.It is hands down better than having to read with an electronic tablet; the book format is more fulfilling than the Kindle translations, and in truth it is powerful stuff that serves a great purpose on many levels.I can't say whether the average person would even consider reading a book like this, but I do appreciate the author's call to action to be very patient, understanding, and compassionate with all of our fellow people under all conditions.

For a religious book, it is written in a way that you can pick it up and read almost any section of it at any time, and eventually a message will become clear. At first glance a couple years ago, I thought the book was a bit ridiculous, but over time it has become really refreshing. A person has to look past the strange wording that takes a while to get used to, and the certain sections where the message is difficult to pinpoint, and just continue on. Overall when I pick up one of the books and start reading it, it is a breath of fresh air spiritually, and an awesome guide to the observance of Scripture. The author quotes the Bible on many occasions and repeatedly quotes the Qur'an.It is also practical, especially knowing that the author has proclaimed the use of opium being strictly forbidden, along with plurality of wives.Anyway, if you get a chance, I'd advise anyone (non-verbally) to pick up one of the actual books and take a look. I can say that reading this book is better for you than watching the television....

I do like how it is repeatedly stated that the "divines" of the church have so often clung to the word for word meaning of Scripture that they have shut themselves out from the many meanings that were intended, and to some of them, the concept of God has become an empty word.Then to see that the church relies on the money they make from the convictions they preach, can surely make a person question the entire institution.The fact that the Writings of Baha'u'llah are repeatedly adjuring people to 'renounce the world and all that is therein' basically reinforces how I have always felt.

Apparently the author lived, and was persecuted, in Persia during the 1800's.Over my recent years of being exposed to popular culture and the values of people, I cannot rationally think of a greater ideal than renouncing the world and being patient with people, especially in this day.The endless and very much pointless entertainment that is sent through the television, along with the prevalence of corruption on so many levels, has caused skepticism and faithlessness to take hold of many of our actions. One thing that should be discussed is the fact that if you took every single person with fame or celebrity and clumped them all together, you would, of a certainty, behold a heap of corruption.

Like anyone else, I do have ups and downs daily in life, and I generally attempt to find something enriching to give me a sense of tranquillity before I go to sleep. It does really feel healthy to read the books by Baha'u'llah, generally just a bit at a time, when I am looking for something to divert my attention. It would be nice to see the mentality of the people move toward being a bit more subtle and faith based, but in a realistic sense.Daily I encounter people who seem to be lost in the transitory depth of technology, and I do wish that somehow people could wake up, and realize that over time, everything does have a purpose.I do believe that a person can and should come to some logical, powerful conclusions about life.

Regardless of how hopeless society may seem, I still do have my own, very much steadfast, peace of mind. I can only deduce the necessity of an axiomatic proof. A subduing, attainable achievement being the only remedy to all of mankind: Enlightenment.

To anyone who respects the major religions or anyone looking for enlightenment, I have to say the cornerstone books of Baha'u'llah are wonderful.

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