Dean Koontz III

by Dean Koontz

Book review

These books were all quite good. The dark flares of excitement all throughout Twilight Eyes are captivating, the mystery behind Midnight intriguing, and the power behind much of the figurative language in House of Thunder tangible. They all kept me on edge, wondering what exactly could happen next, what would go wrong. I questioned the safety of the characters constantly and without realizing it, evaluated all side characters in my mind as I went through, seeing as all of their actions throughout the stories said a lot about who they were, and what they were capable of. For the most part the books were serious, including a couple of somewhat inappropriate (for my age, anyway) parts, but even those parts added to the story in ways that putting any other scene into the story couldnt. Overall I'd say these books were best suited for young adults, possibly ages 17-20+, and I loved them.

PublisherBerkley Pub Group (Mm)
Release date 01.06.1992
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Book rating4.23 (199 votes)

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