Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Robert Hutchinson

Book review

Within 10 years a nuclear warhead will devastate a major city.
This is not a movie outline, but the sober consensus among intelligence analysts.

Our vulnerability to attack by weapons of mass destruction has never been greater. The Cold War may be over, but every day rogue regimes and developing superpowers are building up arsenals of chemical, biological, and nuclear arms. While everything from anthrax to botulism to dirty bombs poses a threat, most of us are ignorant of the clear and present danger. Get to "know thy enemy" with this overview of the current world situation, written by a journalist specializing in defense issues. From the mustard gas of World War I to the mushroom clouds of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to Hussein's gassing of Iraqui Kurds, review the methodology and motivation behind historic attacks. Riveting accounts of the current crisis—from terrorist access to discarded stockpiles of deadly germs, to the potentially lethal nuclear one-upmanship between India and Pakistan, to North Korea's renewed commitment to proliferation—make it clear that long after the Iraq situation is resolved, weapons of mass destruction will remain a threat to our national security and world stability.

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Release date 01.08.2003
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