Poor Percival Stories (Tale 2)

by Matthew Milson

Book review

All favors must be repaid, and as Percival finds out, that includes even the ones you don’t know about. When Percival wakes up one morning looking more like a pumpkin than the six-year-old boy he really is, the villagers waste no time running him out into the woods below. Unable to return to his home until he gets himself back to looking normal, Percival must outwit Witch Autumn and her not-so-loyal pet, Jack, before the end of All Hallows Eve, or risk forever being trapped as a pumpkin child.

Bonus short story included: Poor Percival Deals with Rain

Poor Percival Stories is a collection of folktales recounting Percival’s lifelong adventures from the time he first arrives floating down a river as a baby on to old age. Narrated by Papa Hickory, the stories are told in the colorful style and tradition of the Old South with a playful take on colloquial southern dialect, and include a wondrous assortment of talking critters and magical folk, making for an entertaining and fun reading adventure for all.

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