Diary of a would- be princess 3

by Jessica Green

Book review

Diary Of a would be princess is equivelant to a work of art. It talks about the struggles of living with boys, the struggles of finding new friends and the struggles of working out how to trust again. Jilian is a love-able character who seems to grow as you grow. I have read this book many times and each time, I get a different message about life. My opinions have evolved very much since reading this book. I would call this book a comedy and I think that Jessica Green really hit the mark with her audience because it was relatable and very funny. I would recommend this book for 8-13 yo girls but I think that even when I am older, I will still be reading this book. Jilian is definitely someone that girls can relate to. Wether you are popular, unpopular or just an inbetweener, you will get something out ofJilians wise words. Richard, although arrogant and annoying in jilians eyes, is definitely an asset to this book.

PublisherScholastic Press
Pages count252
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Book rating4.2 (35 votes)