by Dewey Gram

Book review

In winter of A.D 180, Emperor Marcus Aurelius rules the great Roman Empire at a time when the empire owns most of the world. There are many problems in Rome and he wants general Maximus, the commander of the Roman Army in the north to become protector of Rome. He knew that his son, Commodus wouldn’t be a good Emperor. he kills his father and orders Quintus to execute Maximus and his family. Maximus escapes but he is taken as a slave to Proximo. He is then taken to Rome, where Commodus is The Emperor. Maximus becomes most popular gladiator, which teases Commodus. Her sister lucilla and Gracchus try to help Maximus to escape but he is caught by Commodus soldiers and becomes a prisoner again.he organizes a fight between himself and Maximus at the colosseum. He wounds him before the fight to make him weak to fight but Commodus was killed and Maximus died shortly. In my opinion, the story of the gladiator is an inspiring story with a sad end for me. I really enjoyed reading the story. The language of the book is easy to be understandable. Also, the titles of the chapters are attractive. These titles just tell me not to put the book down till I finish reading it all.The writer could deliver his image to me as a reader in little yet reflective words. One thing I disliked about this book was when the army betrayed their general Maximus and tried to kill him. Indeed, I learned many lessons from this great series of events. First, ambition alone can't make a different person than who we are. We need to accompany ambition with strength and honor. These three values are easy to utter but they are hard to be achieved. However, being a strong person doesn't necessarily mean an unmerciful one. Mercy is what makes us cold hearted and strong at the same time. Over all, this book is good for all readers.

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