Pulp & Prejudice

by Joseph Bottum

Book review

A special e-book selection, for Kindle readers, of fifteen of Joseph Bottum’s most memorable essays from the pages of the Atlantic, the Weekly Standard, and more.

“Joseph Bottum is one of America’s most gifted writers, with a perfect ear and a matchless style,” the writer Andrew Ferguson has observed, and here in “Pulp & Prejudice” you’ll find one classic after another, from “Science Boys” to “Believing in Bertie Wooster,” “Christians and Postmoderns” to “Our Last Public Poet: Robert Lowell and His Times.”

Along the way, Bottum takes up the novels of Tom Wolfe and the adventures of T.E. Lawrence in Arabia. The religion of T.S. Eliot and the war on Strunk and White. The morality of childhood memoirs and the theology of detective stories.

“The Law of Dismality,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “The War on Strunk and White” are here, together with “Cyanide and Nectar: Why E.M. Cioran Matters” and “The Pigman Cometh”—making “Pulp & Prejudice” the standard collection from one of the nation’s most widely published essayists.

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