The Twelve Apostles

by William J. Coughlin

Book review

William J. Coughlin, The Twelve Apostles (Putnam, 1984)

It didn't take long to see that this one was going to my feeding my nearly-starved dustbunnies. The characters were completely wooden and presented in confusing fashion, too many plot threads were thrown at the reader all at once, and Coughlin gives his readers just one too many stereotypes by the time you get to the end of chapter three. With a bit more organization and some depth of character, this might have been a worthwhile book. As it stands, it's a morass of mediocrity in the highest degree. (zero)

Release date 04.06.1985
Pages count448
File size4.9 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating3.5 (40 votes)

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