Parenting School-Age Twins and Multiples

by Christina Baglivi Tinglof

Book review

My twin daughters are starting kindergarten in 2 weeks and this was the perfect book to wake me from my self-congratulatory state of bliss at having survived infancy and toddlerhood.Christina Baglivi Tinglof does a great job of even-handedly covering what rigors lie ahead, while offering common-sense advice that effectively assuages a parent's fears: establish rules such as No Tattling (punish the tattler!), No Name Calling (keep kids separated until they write an apology!); never punish both when unsure of culprit (instead expect guilty party to step forward and take responsibility for their actions!), praise compassion (teach it's okay to feel jealous and proud of cotwin simultaneously!), set ground rules i.e., is it ok to date a cotwin ex? is double-dating an option? when a non-mutual friend is over, is there an open- or closed-door policy?

Really great job handling sibling relationships and rivalries, education decisions, and differing developmental needs. I do wish the author had left out what applies to parenting newborn and pre-school age multiples, she still would have had plenty enough leftover for this book.I especially loved the studies showing adolescent twins remain closer to parents than singletons, that twin teens have more difficulty rejecting their parents' values and tend to drink and smoke less and exercise more than their singleton peers; but wish data on teen pregnancy had been included also.

PublisherMcGraw-Hill Companies
Release date 01.01.2007
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