The American Pageant

by Thomas A. Bailey

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The American Pageant, written by the late Thomas A. Bailey, is an American high school history textbook often used for AP US History courses. Since his death in 1983, it's been updated by historians David M. Kennedy & Lizabeth Cohen.
New World beginnings
The completion of English colonization
The duel for North America
Colonial life on the eve of revolt
The road to revolution
America secedes from the empire
The confederation & the Constitution
Launching the new ship of state
Federalists & foreign friction
The triumph of Jeffersonian democracy
Madison & the second war for independence
The post-war upsurge of nationalism, 1815-24
The emergence of Jacksonian democracy
Jacksonian democracy at flood tide
Manifest Destiny in the forties
The revolution in industry & transportation, 1790-1860
Population, religion & education, 1790-1860
Social reform & cultural gains, 1790-1860
The South & the slavery controversy
Renewing the sectional struggle, 1848-54
Drifting toward disunion, 1854-61
The war for Southern independence
Behind the lines: North & South
The ordeal of reconstruction
Grantism & Republican rule, 1869-80
Personalities, politics & reform, 1880-89
Transportation, industry & labor, 1865-1900
New social & cultural horizons, 1865-1900
The great West & the agricultural revolution, 1865-90
The revolt of the debtor, 1889-1900
The path of empire
America on the world stage, 1899-1909
Theodore Roosevelt & the Square Deal
Taft & the Progressive revolt
Woodrow Wilson & the new freedom
The road to World War I
The War to End War, 1917-18
Making & breaking the peace
Harding & the mirage of normalcy
Calvin Coolidge & the Jazz Age
Hoover & the onset of the Depression
Franklin D. Roosevelt & the New Deal
Franklin D. Roosevelt & foreign affairs
America in World War II
Truman & the Cold War
Korea & the challenge to the West
The end of the Eisenhower era
New frontiersmen on the Potomac
Widening horizons

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