Herding the Ox

by John Donohue

Book review

In a society where morality and ethics are not always popular topics, Dr. John Donohue pulls from his knowledge of Social Science, anthropology, and his study and experience of the martial arts, to provide an enlightening perspective on how the study of martial arts can provide an opportunity for spiritual as well a physical development. With the increased interest of martial arts in adults and youth alike, Herding the Ox, is an excellent resource to aid those who are seeking a true and deeper meaning of the martial arts. While the book is centered around the Ten Oxherding pictures of Zen, it is also filled with stories of past warriors who were confronted with various challenges along their path and the ways in which they faced them. As a marital artist and someone entering the educational work force, I have found this book a wonderful resource when explaining to others the importance, relevance, and positive influence that a sincere practice of martial arts can have in the lives of those who follow their chosen path with honor, dignity, and compassion. It is a testament that the training we receive is not only physical and for the dojo, but is carried out in the actions of our daily lives and our relationship with life.

PublisherTurtle Press
Release date 01.03.2000
Pages count136
File size5 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating4.1 (10 votes)

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