Arthurian Romances

by Chrétien de Troyes

Book review

It is not a bad edition. It is well-documented, with a very good bibligraphy, and with notes for text referringto the original and the translation. For the translation is done in prose. It preseves the original naivete and secret ofthe Britainmatter. Preserving syle of the Rrench roman maybe difficult, verse may sound awkward in modern English, so each difficulty is rendered innotes, which insisted on love and chivalry. There is reference to courts, contemporary courts of the period wherethe writermay have spent also some time. These references show the modernreaders comings and goings, the court as a centre of interest, a value confirmation that such informationgrants tothis ambiance. The English reader might gain an understanding of the period of wit and imagination that such a translationgives to him.It reads well, giving impression of insouciance and playfulness which is characteristic of the firstromancier, who writes in theromanlanguage.Still, it is alwaysbetter to have a copy of original Drench, modern orstill betterold French, which soundsso natural.For English students, this is indubitably a good book to gain insight into the origine of romanesque. Highly recommended

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