The Pig in the Pond Big Book

by Martin Waddell

Book review

Hey everyone, this is my 4th review, 'The Pig in the Pond' by Martin Waddell. Essentially, this story is about Farmer Neligan's pig. It is a very warm day at the farm and the pig becomes agitated when he sees the ducks and geese keeping cool in the water. As the title of the story suggests the pig jumps into the pond to refresh herself. Soon, word spreads around the farm that a pig is in a pond with ducks and geese. When Farmer Neligan arrives at the scene, he decides to jump into the water also. Indeed, after a a while all the birds and animals in the surrounding area leap into the pond.
This is a story that is filled with excitement from the outset. I admire the colourful illustrations by Jill Barton which accompany the text. This is the type of story which children aged 5 and 6 years would find deeply amusing. The language in the text is very appropriate to the age range I've stated. This book introduces children to lots of refreshing sounds such as animal sounds: oink, oink; quack, quack. Also the book provides sounds that water makes: Splash, sploosh.

This book has many advantages, in that it can be used across the national curriculum.In particular in dealing with the subject of Geography, the children in the above age category can be introduced to Weather and temperature (Summer hottest time of year). In terms of P.S.H.E. the class can look at how the pig broke rules and in 'Circle time' they (the children) can reflect on occasions when they broke rules. Finally, this story presents lots of ideas for Physical Education for example the children could jump around in a square pretending they are splashing, like the pig in the water.

PublisherCandlewick Press
Release date 01.02.1996
Pages count32
File size5.8 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating3.95 (148 votes)

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