Purple Moon

by Judith P. Vaughan

Book review

Into every generation a Shadow Guardian is born. They are here to stop the dark forces from spreading their evil and the swell of their number on earth. They are human by nature without any supernatural attributes; therefore, an angel is assigned to protect each one of them. When the Shadow Guardian dies, their first descendant, “the chosen one,” is called into action, but they must be at least eighteen to take on the task. Jade is the chosen one, she is the descendant of the Shadow Guardian, but when her mother died prematurely, earth was left unattended and a god of the underworld has re-entered the earth’s dimension before she has been recruited. Heaven is alerted, and Drake, a guardian angel is sent to protect Jade to make sure she makes it to her eighteenth birthday. Drake has been watching over her, waiting for the right moment to reveal his identity, but he has done more than protecting her, he has secretly fallen for her. Jade is clueless of her heritage and the life-changing secret her mother took to the grave. It is up to her to take on the role of the Shadow Guardian and follow an unwanted legacy —but her vulnerable and innocent heart may hinder her from fulfilling her destiny and possibly end the bloodline of the Shadow Guardian.

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