Science Fair Projects

by Bob Bonnet

Book review

Spark scientific curiosity with easy-to-find materials. The fascinating field of physics deals with the how and why of non living objects—including so many that figure in kids' everyday lives. It covers what principles are at work when we ride a bicycle, why a balloon floats, and how a refrigerator keeps that bottle of soda nice and ice-cold! And, what physics reveals about light, time, motion, magnetism, and other natural forces plays a part in many other sciences, including astronomy, optics, and even the arts. Colorfully demonstrate how energy flows, why things accelerate, and how sound travels. With these great science fair experiments budding scientists can have a "swinging good time" testing pendulums; measuring the momentum of a dropping ball; checking if water affects a magnetic field; storing solar heat; moving heavy objects easily with the help of a lever; and much more.

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