The Dawkins Letters

by David Robertson

Book review

Author David Robertson is outraged by The God Delusion and writes his own book to defend Christianity and attack Dawkins' logic.In the beginning, Robertson is angry that Dawkins mentions the correlation between intelligence and atheism in The God Delusion without any evidence.Robertson says this is not true, but, humorously and ironically, offers no evidence of his own to back up his claim - the same "supposed" mistake Dawkins made.I suppose Robertson didn't take the time to Google search the many published studies showing an inverse correlation between one's intelligence and one's level of religious belief.And if I recall correctly, Robertson uses verses from the Bible to refute Dawkins' position that the Bible isn't true, such as (I'm parodying) "Ephesians 4:4 - The Bible is true!"

PublisherChristian Focus Publications
Release date 01.06.2007
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