Kanji-Kan (Puzzle Book 1)

by Elizabeth Plain

Book review

The Kanji-Kan puzzles in this book focus on the 80 kanji that are learnt by Japanese school children in their first year at school.

The aim of the puzzles is to improve kanji recognition and writing skills through spaced repetition. However, unlike most text books, Kanji-Kan puzzles can be seriously addictive!

Kanji-Kan are not complicated to do and everyone who has completed a Sudoku puzzle should feel instantly at home.

Some of the cells in each grid are already completed and all you have to do is identify the missing characters and fill in the empty cells.

The rules are simple:

A kanji can be used only once in each row.

A kanji can be used only once in each column.

A kanji can be used only once in each small 3 x 3 block.

In addition to the 36 puzzles, and their solutions, the book contains clearly set out examples for each of the kanji, with on and kun readings for each character. There is also a detailed word list which gives 160 commonly used words, with readings in hiragana and translations into English.

The first 9 puzzles use the kanji as they are grouped on the example pages, but after that things get a little more unpredictable.

Are you ready for the Kanji-Kan challenge?

There is only one way to find out!

Release date 02.08.2012
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