The Chocolate Fudge Mystery (Cam Jansen Mysteries, #14)

by David A. Adler

Book review

This was an awesome book for kids. I would have loved this (more than I did) at 8-10 years of age. This is a story of a young girl Cam (for her photographic memory...The Camera) and her friend Eric go around town and solve different per book...this is apparently #14. I really enjoyed it.

"Gr. 2-4. Cam (short for Camera) Jansen and her faithful companion, Eric Shelton, encounter yet another mystery as they try to raise funds for charity by selling fudge bars and rice cakes. (They never do explain the mystery of that unlikely combination.) This time Cam spots a woman behaving suspiciously in the vicinity of a supposedly vacant house. It requires only Cam's photographic memory (which she activates by saying "Click" constantly), deductive reasoning, and a short surveillance for the duo to ascertain that a criminal is hiding out and to alert a grateful police force. Cam satisfies the childhood fantasy of being smarter than adults and dealing successfully with mystery and danger, and young readers seem to be able to tolerate the clicks and to suspend reality in order to marvel at her wonderful ways. Another fix for the beginning readers who demand mystery books. Sheilamae O'Harris"

Release date 02.07.2004
Pages count64
File size7.2 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating3.93 (679 votes)

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