Introduccion A La Mitologia Griega

by Carlos García Gual

Book review

Pretty good for introducing the subject to people whom, like me, hadn't previously learned anything about Greek Mythology. Everything is clearly explained and summarized, although it annoyed me a bit that the author took for granted we the readers understand Greek. I mean, I don't! I'm an English student, so I don't have to know Greek, while Mythology is a compulsory course for me because of the relevance it has later had in English literature and basically on human being. I mean, I've come to love Mythology very much, basically for its meanings and because it's SObeautiful I know want to read all the Greek Tragedies, but I have no intention of learning Greek, and this is some sort of introduction for beginners, so...

And another "but" I could say is that there is too much bibliography, not only on footnotes (cleverly located at the end of the book, for they're endless and it would be really annoying to have to skim if you're not interested in them), I mean, not at the end, but when talking about the different interpretations of myths through cultural history, I think it's perfectly okay to say in which of his works the author did write that, and even list a series of followers. But what I'm not interested at all is on an endless list of works and no information about them because that's useless! And it also interrupts the thinking process.

Anyway, good book for beginners, all in all, clear, simple and understandable.

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