The Warrior's Gift

by Bonnie Dee

Book review

In Katya's world, villagers sacrifice their daughters as sex slaves for a sect of warriors who keep their lands safe from invasion. When Katya herself is chosen as a "bride", although she's always questioned the arrangement, she submits for the sake of her family. She has no idea what to expect from the warriors, and not much more idea when it comes to sex.

Blessedly, her Warrior, Turan, turns out to be a sweet, gentle giant of a man, despite being raised in ignorance of anything but fighting and killing. He knows as little about sex as Katya herself, but his primal passions burn hot. Together they learn the pleasures of the flesh...and incite a revolution that changes their world forever.

[Publisher's Note: This book contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: violence and attempted rape.]

PublisherLoose Id
Release date 08.05.2007
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