Guidance From Your Angels

by Marcia Brandt

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Angels are always available to assist us in so many ways. When we remember to contact them, we receive heavenly guidance. This book will give you insight into 14 angels and how to contact them. We are all aware of the Archangels and their special abilities. However these 14 angels are more specific in their 'job description' and you will discover how to contact them for your daily life. They are ready and waiting for you to ask, do it today!

As we travel through life we come upon new challenges almost every day. If we are fortunate we can ‘transform’ ourselves to meet them. I hope to view ‘challenges’ as opportunities to grow and find new strengths. The butterfly is a beautiful symbol of transformation as she takes wing upon the winds of change.
To contact your Angel of Transformation find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for 15 minutes. I’ve been told to sit in the same place each day as this helps the angels locate you and it creates a sacred space for you. It can be inside your home or if you wish and the weather is appropriate, you can sit under a tree or beside a creek. Wherever you feel most comfortable and where you can be alone.
Many people have the idea that they must chant or do mudras or wear crystals, but the angels aren’t looking for special trappings, they are just looking for YOU! If you have special incense that helps you relax by all means light it during your contact time. But it is not required.
The other idea that seems to be floating around is that you must meditate for hours at a time. Not true. I find that 15 minutes is long enough for me to relax, make contact, receive my message and then go about my day. It helps if you have a specific question that you’d like an answer for. The easiest ones are simple and to the point:
“What will help me feel better today?”
“How can I find peace today?”
When we have a simple request we’ll quickly receive the answer. If we give the angels a very complex problem, it will take time for all the pieces of the answer to arrive. Be patient with the angels and definitely with yourself.

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