Stalking the Vampire

by Mike Resnick

Book review

Ridiculous could be used as a one word summary for this book. Stalking the Vampire is a pure comedy that is set in a fantastical New York that has vampires and every other form of fairy tale beasts such as goblins exists. The protagonist is a Private Investigator named John Justin Mallory and his partner’s nephew was killed by a vampire on a ship ride to New York. The tale is the adventure of Mallory and his gang that tries to hunt down this vampire. The idea and adventure isn’t that bad, but the comedy is. Every single sentence is encased in humor, and there are no serious lines throughout the tale. Now if you don’t care for this type of humor you’re out of luck, as I was. I almost gave up many times with this book, but I’m a glutton for punishment and I finally finished it. I’ll never revisit this book nor try the other two that are in this series. Resnick’s serious work is good, his comedy is often ridiculous and in the case of this book it is. I wouldn’t recommend this drivel to anyone.

Release date 01.08.2008
Pages count268
File size7.7 Mb
eBook formatHardcover, (torrent)En
Book rating3.53 (210 votes)

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