Insomnium #8 The Dreamer

by Zachary Bonelli

Book review

This episode of Insomnium, as was made clear by the author, gives us the first big revelation of the nature of Nowhere, where the story is set.Knowing that the revelation will occur in advance, of course, creates quite a lot of excitement and apprehension.Apprehension, because the “revelation” can often be the most disappointing part of a story; so many times I invest hours into a tale only to be met by a thin, flimsy, unbelievable and disappointing apex.

The Dreamer, however, does not disappoint.As I’ve said before, and have no intention of stopping saying, Zachary Bonelli’s creativity is boundless.And his stories are planned out immaculately, weaving around inventively and tying back to earlier threads with satisfying complexity.This guy does not write “by the seat of his pants”... far from it.

Not only did I find the “revelation” in this episode satisfying, creative, and (relatively) unexpected, but it also ties into his related series Voyage, and supplies further information on the underlying nature of the universe within which both series are set.Kudos.

Normally, I give Zachary Bonelli five star reviews without thought.However, if Zack has one weakness in his writing (others might not agree on this) it is the unconvincing nature of some of his action scenes.His characters struggle through often extreme environments or scenes without a convincing account of their struggle.I fail to feel their physical torment in the way I feel I should.But, in this episode, this relatively small failing is outweighed by its merits.

PublisherFuzzy Hedgehog Press
Release date 01.12.2013
Pages count24
File size2.1 Mb
eBook formatKindle Edition, (torrent)En
Book rating4.67 (3 votes)

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