Ice Queen (Gods of Love, #6)

by Jennifer Lynne

Book review

Even the power of Eros himself is sometimes not enough...

Meika’s heart is closed to love. She has been hurt too badly in the past to ever allow that emotion back in to the frozen wasteland of her soul.

But she hasn’t counted on Eros, god of desire, who sees her as an interesting challenge he just can’t resist.

It will take every bit of his power, drawing on each of the erotes in turn – longing, desire, requited & unrequited love, as well as a touch of envy & jealousy – to melt this woman’s soul.

Will Meika’s heart thaw in the heat of their passion, or crack into a million unsalvageable pieces? Has Eros, the greatest love god of them all, left his run too late?

ICE QUEEN is the sixth novella in the GODS OF LOVE series and will be out early 2015. Like others in this series, ICE QUEEN is designed as a stand-alone with a common theme (the erotes). You can read these sexy stories in any order!

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