A Gathering of Saints

by Robert Lindsey

Book review

This book intersected two of my fascinations: belief systems and forgeries.It's a bizarre story set in a religious world that is both familiar and oddly foreign, like seeing a familiar photo in false colors and warped. I won't summarize - you can find a summary with a click.

The most clever move that Mark Hofmann made was to "discover" manuscripts that were mildly disruptive to the carefully redacted and cultivated Mormon history.This produced enough anxiety in the Mormon leadership to assure Hofmann a good price, but also keep the lid on too much scrutiny and publicity that might expose him.

Hofmann's dumbest move was to keep "discovering" sensational documents, and to actually think that he could pull off bigger and bigger scores while digging himself deeper and deeper in debt.

Hofmann's irretrievably stupid, moronic, and criminal move was to think that a murder here and there would be a good solution to his mounting problems.

Excellent stuff, if sometimes written in too much detail.

PublisherSimon & Schuster (NYC)
GanreNon Fiction
Release date 01.09.1988
Pages count400
File size7.7 Mb
eBook formatHardcover, (torrent)En
Book rating4.02 (128 votes)

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