by Terri Douglas

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The tongue in cheek story of a very exclusive society of not so ordinary women.
For nearly twenty years the current members of GAS-BAG have waited, some more patiently than others, for the event of a new members coming of age and now finally their long wait is over and Aryana Flaxforth is in for the birthday surprise of her life. This is no boring W I, no jam and Jerusalem, nor a female masons society with odd handshakes, although to the uninitiated it might seem so. No this is the GAS-BAG where magic and miscast spells are more the order of the day.
Will Aryana be worthy of the honour? Her mother Alison will go to almost any lengths to ensure that she is, and Alveda her grand-mother is certain Aryana is more than worthy and will be a powerful witch.
The Grand Hag Lynn, leader of the GAS-BAG council, is hoping the Welcoming Ceremony will go off without a hitch as any failure at this important event will reflect badly on her.
And then there’s Violet who covets Lynn’s high position and sees Aryana as a threat to her ambitions, so with the help of the disreputable Toadscum sisters stops at nothing to try and discredit the Flaxforth’s, and along with it Lynn.

This is one of my all-time favorite books. Very quirky, and a brilliant fantasy/real take on 'modern witches'. The story was brill, the sub plots were very well done and the characters are all loveable (Even the dreaded Toadscum sisters!) My favorite was definitely Alveda :) A must-read!

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