War of the Reversing Worlds, Trilogy Two, Part II

by J.T. Brown

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Harper needs to find her warrior within, and face not only Tide’s Ghost, the darkness, but Wizard Argon. Who has stripped the land of Pasmaqon from its beauty and power, only to strengthen his own land of Thurrobia.

Nothing has been left behind – only the ghost which have surrendered themselves to the powerful force of Wizard Argon. Pasmaqon is left powerless with only the spirits of the past.

The mysteries bleed its phenomenon from the pages of Mystical Book, as the terror of the ghost dance with a mysterious tune. Sending Harper into a whirl wind spin, as she learns the truth behind the cover of the storm.

Is war the only answer?

How can you fight something that is already dead, how can you weaken the weak?

How can you save a land that is already in silence.

Harper trust no one or anything, for she may never know who is watching her. Harper’s powers mean nothing to the unseen.
Let the mysterious unfold, as Harper battles the unknown.

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