Heroes And Exiles

by Tom Ambrose

Book review

Despite many advances in progressing acceptance and toleration of homosexuality especially in the West, homophobia still resides both consciously and unconsciously in society in general, often lying just below the surface of respectability.So it is a good thing to have someone like Tom Ambrose remind us about those homosexuals in the past who can be considered to be heroic (either courageously defiant, or those suffering exile, or both) male and female homosexuals in the past who might even pass as role models.

The writing is straightforward and easy to read.It consists of an interesting Introduction (dealing with the 'fall from grace' in the Western tradition) followed by sixteen short chapters which deal with specific individuals or groups, and a final chapter entitled 'The End of Exile'.It includes a fair sample of the more well-known historical homosexuals, as well as those not so well-known, with some even more obscure.All of them, however, exhibited special qualities which raise them above the ordinary.

All the stories present a subtext of Society's continuing ambivalence in various different ways to the subject.If there is a lesson to be learnt from all this it is that one needs to ensure one never becomes complacent in one's efforts for the elimination of discrimination and bigotry wherever they may appear.As the old adage goes: the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

PublisherNew Holland Publishers (UK)
Release date 01.08.2010
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