Relic Worlds

by Jeff McArthur

Book review

Lancaster James' search continues as he travels to distant planets in search of the Cosmic Orb, a relic of incredible power.

Join Lancaster James on his exciting adventures to explore ancient ruins on distant planets in search of powerful relics that could unlock the greatest mysteries of the universe. Only this time, YOU call the shots.

In Pick Your Path books, the reader takes control of the storyline, determining what the main characters will do at key moments of the story. Your choices will determine how the story will end. Will Lancaster discover the lost secrets of this ancient civilization, or will he be killed by local animals, or the dangerous elements? Your choices will determine his fate, and the fate of the galaxy.

In The Cosmic Orb, Lancaster must fly to several mysterious planets to locate the orb, and once he knows where it is, he must get it safely to the museum. Solve the mystery of this and the other four Pick Your Path books, then go to the website to claim your prize.

PublisherBandwagon Books
Release date 01.04.2013
Pages count172
File size3 Mb
eBook formatKindle Edition, (torrent)En
Book rating4.75 (4 votes)

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