Any Man So Daring (Shakespearean Fantasies, #3)

by Sarah A. Hoyt

Book review

This book, the third in Hoyt's series, is a fine conclusion, wrapping up loose ends nicely with a light touch much appreciated after the darkness of All Night Awake.At the same time, some of the things that I found so charming in the first book are beginning to wear on me a bit by the third.The Shakespearean quotes are still clever, but when they become lengthy and, even worse, rhyme, they start to feel a bit forced.And the allusions to the plays felt more heavy-handed than in previous installments.Shakespeare really comes to life as a complex and caring human being, and the exploration of Quicksilver's dual nature and his ruminations on kingship are quite intriguing. There are new characters here, including one I wanted to shake on practically every other page (if you read the book, you'll know who it is). There were some head scratching moments in this book (if Quicksilver, at 50, was just barely out of adolescence, how is the elven Miranda, at 14, the same age as a human girl?) and I had a hard time buying into the notion of the Crux, an unpredictable section of Fairyland in which most of the book takes place.Still, as a whole I was satisfied with how things ended, and most of my dissatisfaction stems either from personal preference, or possibly reading too many of these books in a short time.

Release date 02.10.2004
Pages count336
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Book rating3.19 (31 votes)

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