Honor of the Devoted (The Union Stories, #3)

by Lesa Corryn

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Vikket Yarzs, a soldier trapped in tradition, must overcome his past by battling the monsters of his future.

Since the Alladian surrender in the Union-Alladian war, Admiral Vikket Yarzs has devoted his life to finding the honorable death he should have received in that final battle. But, for a little over a decade, one reason or another has kept him chained down and away from the battlefield. With the Union now completely focused on their war with the Aveslor and Bendalurian rebels, Vikket finds with a sad heart that his people have been completely forgotten and ignored by the rest of the galaxy.

Now he spends his days lazing about in his camp on the remote planet of Gorgatha, where his team of engineers work to revive an ancient antenna. This initially seemed like just another one of the mindless tasks the Alladian government had given him in order to keep him from finding his way back into war. However, a strange sun fever has overtaken his crew and the meager task quickly becomes an eventful and curious mission.

It wasn't until a young engineer's attempted assassination on Vikket and the sudden crash of a Union ship on to their planet, that Vikket and his crew begin to realize that a more sinister source than the sun may be poisoning the minds of those residing on Gorgatha. As they dig further and further into the dark origins of the malfunctioning antenna, Vikket finds monstrous secrets awaiting him as well as a chance for hope.

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