Creative in Business

by Kelly Galea

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Make a tiny shift in your awareness and the world you see can change—in less than a second the solid physical world can become a shimmering, resonating world of energy. You realize that everything is vibrating! When you pay closer attention, you notice you can feel slow, sluggish vibrations and fast, harmonious vibrations. Then you realize there is information encoded in the vibrations you sense. And—yes!—this could be quite useful…

The truth is, we make this shift to the energy world thousands of times a day without realizing it—to obtain information about what decisions to make and how to act. Imagine how smooth and easy life might become if we could make that shift into a conscious, intentional skill and be able to translate “vibrational information” immediately into trusted guidance?

Author Penney Peirce, an internationally recognized expert on intuition and perception, guides you into the new “energy reality” that’s emerging as we speak, and gives you a step-by-step roadmap to a positive state of awareness based on “frequency principles”—methods derived from the way energy actually functions—with tips to achieve a new kind of effortless success.

On this episode of "Creative in Business", host Kelly Galea interviews Penney Peirce for this discussion on:
- “Frequency” and “personal vibration” as it relates to you and your creative business
- How we can become more aware of our own energy and other people’s energy, and free ourselves from negative vibrations
- How sensitivity and empathy differ from intuition
- How to use “frequency principles” to solve problems
- How we create or “manifest” things in our lives — and advice for those who may be caught in financial difficulties right now

Penney Peirce is a respected and gifted intuitive empath and visionary, and one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement. She is a popular author, lecturer, and trainer specializing in intuition and sensitivity development, “skillful perception,” and dreamwork. She has worked throughout the US, Japan, South Africa, South America, and Europe since 1977 as a coach to business executives, coaches, psychologists, scientists, other trainers, and those on a spiritual path. She has counseled tens of thousands of individuals worldwide about life and business direction, and the fulfillment of destiny.

Penney’s work is open-minded, practical, and sophisticated, synthesizing diverse cultural and spiritual world views with many years experience in business as a corporate art director. She is known for her ability to present complex ideas in a common sense, easy-to-understand way. Visit her at

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