Caribbean Isles

by Peter Wood

Book review

One man's travelogue about the Caribbean might seem like an alright blog post, but Peter Wood's experience in journalism and science makes this more like an enticing National Geographic.
There's no overarching scientific point to be made, just a series of quests to fulfill his curiosity. In ~165 pages he camps out on beaches, delves into the geological and colonial history, forges paths through dense, rain-soaked jungles, climbs and re-confirms the highest point in the Antilles, and seeks out some of the avian and aquatic life that makes these islands unique.
Granted, its 1975 publishing date will make some of it out of date, but I will probably look into the other books in the series at the used book store. It's just fun to read and well written, with enough details to make you want to book a flight to see it all for yourself.

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