Harsh Prey

by Joe Stephens

Book review

HARRY SHALAN has waited for three months to hear from his wife DEANNA, who went away to decide if she could deal with the dangerous nature of his job as a private detective. Unfortunately, on the morning she finally calls, he’s involved in an attempted murder—of which he’s the intended victim. With the help of his neighbor, Harry thwarts the bad guys, one of whom indicates the hit was put out by JOHNNY TUTTLE, one of his oldest and dearest friends. This sends Harry on the hunt to find out if the accusation made by the hit man is true, and if so, what could possibly have motivated his mentor to want him dead.

Before Harry can get out of town, Deanna reappears. After a long discussion and a few other extracurricular activities, Harry offers to give up his job, but Deanna concedes that for him to do that would be to give up being the man she fell in love with. She would rather live with the fear of losing him than live with herself knowing she had allowed him to stop being the hero he was born to be.

PublisherJoe Stephens
Release date 02.10.2014
Pages count330
File size5.2 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating5 (5 votes)

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