by Tom Williams

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Every cat person knows, as do many others, that cats possess mysterious
mental and communicative abilities that defy human understanding and stagger
human imagination.But can two cats who make up their minds to sabotage the
presidential campaign of a conniving, villainous and extremely wealthy
United States senator even have a chance of succeeding?

As soon as you meet Napoleon and Mr. Grover, the feline protagonists of
this hilarious and heartwarming novel, you'll know the answer.We first
encounter Mr. Grover as a handsome young gray tabby escaping the clutches of
a medical researcher who collects stray cats to perform cruel and painful
experiments on them.Fifteen years later he reappears as a huge, elderly,
battle-scarred former stray who is now the beloved friend of no less than
the governor of the state, Seth Goodfellow.Down-to-earth, highly respected
and eminently qualified, the governor is being urged by leaders of his party
to seek its presidential nomination.

Napoleon, an aristocratic red-orange not-quite-Persian longhair, meets
the streetwise and cynical Mr. Grover when his human, a talented young
Washington newspaper reporter named Stanley Bliser, is hired to handle media
relations for Gov. Goodfellow in his primary campaign against U.S. Sen.
Desmond Durth, a diabolical, scheming, multimillionaire doctor who left the
drug company he founded to run for congress and now has his sights set on
the White House.

Mr. Grover, looking forward to retirement when the governor's term of
office ends, is dead set against the idea of having his human become
president.All that changes, however, when the old cat has occasion to meet
Sen. Durth, sniffs him and discovers that this is the very same scoundrel
who 15 years earlier took him fraudulently from an animal shelter and was
planning to perform vivisection on him.

Mr. Grover and Napoleon decide that the nation as a whole, animals in
general and cats in particular must be saved from having a monster such as
this in the White House.They form an unlikely and guarded alliance to send
Durth's campaign down in flames, and the story of how they do it will leave
you laughing, crying and inspired by Mr. Grover's earthy wisdom and the
governor's gentle philosophy about the qualities a president should have.
The clever detective work of both Napoleon and Stanley foils the evil
senator's dirty tricks in ways that fill the story with suspense and

About the Author

Tom Williams began his career as a reporter and later an editorial
writer for a metropolitan daily newspaper. His articles, on many different
subject, have appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout the nations.

Since 1970 he has headed an advertising agency which has handled
advertising and public relations for candidates and referendum issues in
more than 50 political campaigns and has been on the winning side in nearly
90 per cent of them.

He is also the author of Always Paddle Your Own Canoe, The Life, Legend
and Legacy of Anna Safley Houston
, the canny but eccentric businesswoman who
accumulated the world's finest collections of antique glass and ceramics and
founded the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts.

Long an admirer of cats, Williams admits that over the years he has been
owned by a number of them, who have been valuable consultants in his
research as to cat attitude and capabilities.

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