UFOs and the Christian Worldview

by Jeff Gerke

Book review

UFOs and the alien phenomenon—how do they fit into the Christian worldview? Many Christians are baffled and even a little afraid of the whole topic of UFOs. Is something really going on, and if so, where does it fit in our biblical view of life?

Some want to say that UFOs are chariots of God and aliens are angels. They want to say that Elijah was whisked away on a flying saucer, that Moses' hair turned white through exposure to radiation, and that the pillar of fire was really a UFO. Others want to say that aliens are demons.

Then there are those who say that all Christian faith is baloney and should be jettisoned in favor of belief in our space brothers who are here to help us avoid disaster and one day join the Galactic Federation.

Author and amateur ufology theologian Jeff Gerke tackles the problem and wrestles the UFO phenomena into the Christian worldview in a way that has some people cheering and some people hopping mad.

Come see what all the fuss is about.

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