From Australia With Love

by John Gallagher

Book review

From Australia With Love is all about two seniors, getting to meet and know one another online,and eventually falling in love from a great distance. Helen in Australia, John in Canada.

After about a year of online blogging with Blogit, and also after many telephone conversations, they professed a great love for one another and determined to physically meet.

Of course they decided that Helen would come to Canada from Australia, but only for Christmas of 2007, then she would go home again and eventually perhaps get married either in Australia or Canada.

The fact is that John asked Helen to marry him on first meeting her, she hesitated without a quick response, after all a girl must keep her pride, but eventually she said yes.

The story describes all of their frustrating delays to get married because of immigration requirements, filing repeatedly for extended stay visas in Canada, and after 3 years finally winning her Permanent Resident card.

In those years together as they waited on immigration, John showed her nearly all of Canada by car, and she showed him the rest and introduced him to her family on a cruise down the St. Lawerence river ending up in New York.

Hopefully this book will help young and old alike, to grasp spiritual faith in difficult distance online relationships, and bring them to the same loving conclusions of happy marriages as well.

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